Amy Black Chooses To Release Song on National Good Samaritan Day

It turns out that March 13 is National Good Samaritan Day. Really, it’s a thing. According to what I found, the day “recognizes the unselfish actions of those who provide help when needed. The day is also known as Good Samaritan Involvement Day and celebrates kindness in all its forms.”

Who knew?

Apparently singer/songwriter Amy Black did.

She wrote and recorded a new song, “I Have a Choice,” for release on this year’s National Good Samaritan Day, with backing vocals by the Blind Boys of Alabama.

“I wrote this song because I wanted to remind myself that I always have a choice of who I’m going to be, how I’m going to act, and how I’m going to respond to whatever life throws my way. I was inspired when I thought of my mom and dad and many others who came before me. It’s encouraging to look at the choices they made, and are still making, to live in kindness and love. I can’t control what others do, I can’t even control my own mind, but I do get to control how I live,” Black said.

With its organ flourishes and the voices of the Blind Boys, the song puts you in church while Black sings her sermon, “I have a choice. I can decide. To turn my back on hate and pride. To clothe myself in love and joy. You better believe it. I have a choice.”

Those are wise words for National Good Samaritan Day, for any day, really, and especially for the times we are living in.


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