The Edge of Fifteen – Happy Father’s Day

When I was 15, I spent what was probably a lovely day for my parents and grandparents in Nags Head on Father’s Day. Oh, man, how I wish I could spend a day with my parents and grandparents again.

But when I was 15, it was a different story.  According to my diary, there was nothing to do down there and apparently it was a “shitty” day. I can only imagine how miserable I was. And I can only hope now that my misery didn’t ruin the day for everyone else.

What made it miserable?  Who knows?  The car was cramped, but other than that, I wasn’t real keen on details in my diary. But when I was 15, being forced to spend the day with my family was all it took.

I probably didn’t get my dad a present, either.

Despite how surly I may have been–and really, I may not have been that bad, it’s likely I kept my feelings in check–it was a family day for my dad (and mom) and I’m sure they enjoyed it.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.